Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Malcolm MacWatt about 3 of his songs in the last episode of series 2.

Mal talks about his journey from Dial It Back to the much anticipated album Settler, out November 2021.
Mal’s stories are as interesting and insightful as his music, a real treat to close this second series. He talks about Raining Down in Nashville, The Crofter & The Cherokee and One Track Mind. Mal also divulges more details about his exciting new project 'Broken Bairns' a duo with the wonderful Shannon Hynes 


In the third episode of series two Cotter Hill shares the stories behind 4 of his songs, 3 he was involved in writing and one he chose due to feeling an almost instant connection with the lyrics. Cotter is an upcoming artist in the US, watch this space!


In the second episode of series two we speak with the critically acclaimed Rob Wheeler. Rob talks about his writing process, from lyrics to creating the melodies and rhythms in his head before laying down the demos in his studio. From walking around New York to being on a bus one dank day Rob has written songs in some fairly obscure places!


In the first episode of series 2 we talk with Harleymoon Kemp, a real talent and sure to be a household name in the future. Harleymoon has talent in abundance as a photographer, songwriter and lately singer! 
Harleymoon talks about 3 of her songs - Space, She Looks Like Me & Love on the Radio, all 3 songs are distinctly different and have different stories as to how they came to be!


In the last episode of series 1 of The Story Behind The Song Kezia Gill joined us to talk about 3 of her most recent compositions - I'm Here, Whiskey Drinkin' Woman & Wings. Kezia talks about how each of these songs came to be written, each one in different circumstances but with one commonality! Listen to find out more...


In this week's edition of The Story Behind The Song rising star from Glasgow, Chris Andreucci shares the stories behind 3 of his songs from the EP 'What Doesn't Kill You.
Chris talks about writing from his perspective and from that of others as we discover more about Freedom, Tonight I'm Yours & Only Love That Never Broke My Heart


In this third episode of the series Elles Bailey joined us to talk about the story behind 3 of her songs - Girl Who Owned The Blues, Wild, Wild, West and Little Piece of Heaven.

One penned solely by Elles and two co-writes Elles discusses writing from both her own and others experiences.


In the second episode of the series where we go behind the songs of some of the best Singer/Songwriters in the UK we were joined by Kerri Watt.

Kerri talks about her journey from writing about characters from a play or film to becoming comfortable with expressing her own feelings and emotions through her writing. 


In the first of a brand new series Peter Donegan discusses the story behind 3 of his songs - Ode To A Friend, Walking Man & Thank You Texas

All 3 songs have distinctly different reasons for being written and their journeys unique. Listen again or for the first time!